The Omni Ocademy presents Immersive Story Experiences 

~ A New Way to Read & Learn ~

Plunge into an enchanted realm brimming with interactive storytelling, audacious adventure, buried secrets, peculiar characters, vibrant cultures, a mysterious ancient language, quirky games, gopher holes, 
and oodles of whimsy.

Our flagship story chronicles the life of Peyton Drake, a browbeaten teen who attempts to escape his stifling home life by going through a portal to the interdimensional Academy of Omniosophical Arts & Sciences. Once he arrives at the extraordinary school, he finds out his life is in danger and his parents are not as he thought. 

Written for lovers of fantasy and magical realism (regardless of age) Pete’s trials and exploits will keep readers biting their nails and covering their eyes. For foodies, the depictions of the campus meals alone are worth the price of admission. For those who consider reading less than thrilling, books are about to get a whole lot more interesting!

The Omni Tales reader experience is meant to be interactive, with opportunities to get as involved as you’d like. Whether you join our Omniommersive learning program, take part in a covert rebel raid, get on board with Shared Treasure Hunt, choose to submit some of your own writing to one of our anthologies, attend an in-person theme event, or volunteer with the Ocademy’s genteel arts nonprofit, we think you’ll find, when it comes to the world of Omni, you’re always in your element.