Doing addition

We've come up with a few milestone add-ons for the Series 1 Kickstarter campaign, and couldn't be more delighted. As we make our way to our funding goal, we'll celebrate the 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% thresholds by offering additional treasures to backers that they may add to their chosen reward tier.


Affirmation Cards

Doom & Gloom Cards


Journaling with Purpose


Rebel Raids


Student Enrichment

A backer at the highest level

(of our Series 1 Kickstarter campaign)

Chapter bonuses

Each chapter comes with explanatory content available through linked text, access to the chapter's Omnopoly game (& reward), a link to Omnopoly commentary, auth-narrated audio, and a coloring image:

Each series' first chapter also includes a link to a glossary for that whole series

And the last chapter in each novella includes a link to that novella's Bells & Whistles book club packet 

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