Daily Perq

If you prefer to savor your reading experience in small sips, check out our Daily Perq option. You get the same digital content as the Pocket Portals, only it’s published drip by drip day by day, giving you more than 300 consecutive days of story-related material to look forward to.

Each daily chapter includes: 
  • Extra-content links dropped in here and there throughout the text
  • A link to the pertinent Omnopoly chapter game which itself includes a digital gift
  • A link to Omnoply commentary by Dr. Heather Brims
  • Author-narrated audio
  • A coloring image

Series 1 is comprised of 77 chapters (over 7 novellas), and thus, runs 77 days.

Series 2 is comprised of 70 chapters (over 7 novellas). 

Including a few days of extra content offered at the conclusion of each novella, you can expect more than 150 days (approx. 5 months) of daily content to look forward to.